Nov 26, 2014
Let’s be serious, baby moccs are where it’s at for pre-walkers and walkers. All my nieces and nephews still wear them (well except the 7 and 11 year old). Moccasins are so durable and all around adorable, with my family’s Native American roots – the trend always gives our dad a good smile when he sees the littles running around in them. We’ve seen so many different moccasin brands, it truly is hard to keep up with all the entrepreneurs chasing the mocc dream! However, recently we met Roxanne Bryan, the beauty and brains behind BellaSimoneNYC. In our opinion she creates moccs with a fresh take. ALL of Roxanne’s shoes are handmade in the USA, which as you know, is a HUGE plus for me. Roxanne also takes pride is using top of the line materials including leather, suede, wool and most recently - pony hair!
Roxanne knew she had to stand out in this dog eat dog world of retail, especially being based in the big apple. And that she does – her kicks have more of a fresh loafer look, which definitely puts them aside from all the others. Some of our favorites are: the Midnight Blue Leather PreWalker & Gray Suede Soft Soles.
(OH! And all are 30% off starting…NOW! – happy early black Friday!!)

If you don’t believe us (for some ridiculous reason) be sure to follow along with our dear friend, Adrianne (beauty and brains behind Little Adi & Co.). I’m sure you saw her in the most recent winter issue, being a guest editor and all. Her newest addition, 3 week old charming little Hudson, also shares our love for BellaSimoneNYC and the Gray Suede Soft Soles.

So take our word for it – and go do some holiday shopping over at one fabulous Etsy shop, BellaSimoneNYC!!

And remember, #shopsmall :)

xo happy holidays loves

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  • Posted On March 31, 2015 by Sara

    Am I allowed to enter the bolnook contest even though I don’t need glasses? Darn you perfect vision!Really though, I think the side-saddle dress and I would look great together! Oh so pretty!

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