Feb 12, 2016

For the hubs and I, Valentine's Day was always a wonderful reason to celebrate our health, love, and happiness. We would get dressed up, drink champagne, and enjoy a night on the town. Some of my favorite memories with my husband include our Valentine's Day traditions. But since having Aden and Hudson, the traditional way we celebrated has made a 180 degree turn. Although we've gone from dressy clothes to messy clothes and from flutes of champagne to spilled milk, we still celebrate the same things, including our health, love, and happiness. 

My challenge this Valentine's Day was to enjoy a kid-friendly evening at home with the whole family, while trying not to spend a ton of money. It's totally possible, just give it a try! 

Location: Try a different location in your home for dinner. Maybe outside (if weather permits) under a favorite tree or on the front porch, in front of a roaring fire in your fire place, or have a picnic right on the kitchen floor with lots of pillows and cozy blankets.

Dinner: By far, one of the most delish spaghetti dishes my husband has ever made. Mario Batali, you're an Italian genius. It's a total crowd pleaser and it uses ingredients I already have on hand. 

DessertValentine's Day Popcorn and Chocolate Caramel Covered Pretzels are kid-friendly desserts that they can help make. Also, perfect for munching during our late-night Netflix movie!

Music: Spotify has an awesome "Love Songs" playlist, and the Pandora Radio set to the Ray LaMontagne station is a definite #heartmelter. Bonus: Both apps/websites are free to download!

Flowers: Because it's not a celebration without some fresh blooms, DIY style.

Late-night Movie: After saying goodnight to my littlest Valentines, it's time to start the Netflix binge! (Netflix and chill, anyone?) Here's to hoping I can keep my eyes open for more than one episode of Parenthood. 

And, if you're totally set on giving gifts, here are my picks:

For the baby, let them know you love them "s'more" // S'mores Marshmallow Plushie

For the kiddies, because they "color" your world // Conversation Heart Crayons

For the hubs, because nothing says I love you like a little organization // Gadgets Dock

For the wifey, because she's your whole heart // Hammered Heart Ring

For fun, so you can call dibs on the last piece of cake // Coupon Book



 Happy Valentine's Day!








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