Mar 25, 2016











 I may be a city girl with a love of clean lines and monocromatic colors, but my inner hippie has a love of all things boho. And for my babes, #givemeallthebohemiangoodies. Nothing says boho like amazing fringe necklaces, feather headdresses, and flower crowns, right?

Well today is your lucky day my dear, because Hayley of Gold Bohemian is feeding all of our boho dreams. As a mama of two gorgeous little ones, Hayley handcrafts all of her goodies in her hometown in Australia. Gathering inspiration from her free spirit and love of travel, all of Hayley's pieces have a gorgeous natural look and feel to them. I love adding her unisex necklaces to my boys' wardrobe for a more laid back look!


And what's even better?? She's starting to incorporate more pieces into her home collection...eek! That means dream catchers of all sizes that include fringe and feathers, as well as amazing wrapped driftwood perfect for any boho lover. 


Follow along with Hayley's travels and handmade goods on Instagram and shop her site! 


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